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Urban planners, services designers, influencers, content creators, hospitality and leisure companies

Virginia Aguirre

Brand and UX Designer

She defines herself as a Brand & User Experience Designer and is ready to demonstrate her extensive knowledge of UX and usability. She was a coordinator at the Uxer School and is now starting a new chapter as a professor of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) at the University of Deusto.

Lander Balza

Strategic Service Designer

As a strategic service designer and facilitator, Lander’s experience in service design with FLOW, a retail concept development provider, will inform his presentation in which he will also share his passion for drawing and his experience at the Basque Design Association (EIDE).

Bill Watson

Entrepreneur and business consultant

Founder of one of the leading travel agencies, Prism Advisory Group, Watson is an entrepreneur, consultant and senior corporate executive. Accustomed to working with a broad spectrum of clients, he is also the manager of the tourism business incubator, Venturism LLC.

Sergio de la Casa

CEO and UX Lead at Unexpendables

Sergio has been designing since 1998, particularly for digital, which miraculously tends to work quite well. Trains, elevators, things from banks, gyms, trips, hotels… If you ask him, he will tell you that he is a storyteller. “Give him a pencil and he’ll make a leg.”

Silvia Muñoz

Architect and Urban Designer

Passionate about architecture, Silvia is currently a master’s candidate of Advanced Architectural Design at the “Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid” (ETSAM); this follows her previous investigations and thesis on the design and use of libraries in the digital age.

Jimmy Pons

Co Founder at Trails For Peace

This social entrepreneur from Menorca is a professor of tourism innovation, sustainability, marketing and digital transformation. Passionate about the practice of mindfulness, he is in charge of the first project of the NGO Mindful Travel Destinations: Trails For Peace.

Rafel Manera

Senior UX Manager at Meliá Hotels International

Rafel is in charge of the development, integration and monitoring of the Customer Experience strategy of Meliá, the leading hotel group in Spain, with the goal of increasing the quality of the service offered by sales agents. His work includes the optimization of the company’s various distribution channels.

Sara Valero

Service Design and User Research in BBVA (Sopra Steria)

Analyzing the human, physical and digital components of user experiences in service design is Sara Varelo’s goal in her work as a psychologist and researcher at BBVA, where she makes design decisions based on qualitative and quantitative evidence.

Marta Javaloys

Global Design Lead en BBVA

Convinced that there is always a better way to do it, Marta leads the global design team at BBVA, where she makes strategic decisions and implements products and services. Her multicultural and multidisciplinary background allows us to speak with an innovation fanatic with a solid career.

Bruce Ivory

Account Executive at Agora.io

From the city of dreams, New York, comes Bruce Ivory, who dedicates his life to integrating communication and broadcasting in real time for mobile, desktop and web applications at the technology company Agora.io, which is active in more than 100 countries and is trusted by developers and brands ranging from education to medicine, via social networks.

Lourdes Convertida

UX/UI Designer at Destinia

Visual communicator and designer UX, Lourdes works in the online travel agency Destinia, where she creates intuitive, beautiful, simple and effective experiences and interfaces. An expert on analyzing data to resolve customer experiences with international audiences, her passion for branding is innate.

Isabel Maldonado

UX/UI Designer at Destinia

As a designer at Destinia, Isabel works from the research phase to later phases of conceptualization, visual design and documentation. Since 2012, she has been an expert on digital projects focused on interface design, always championing the ease of use, functionality, simplicity and aesthetics as key elements of her work.

Silvia Barroso Padilla

UX Manager at Air Europa

Silvia has been designing digital experiences since 1999 and knows how important it is to motivate and take care of users, clients and teammates. A UX Manager at Air Europa, she ensures that “the impossible” spares the first two letters and she works to make the invisible visible — two slogans that serve her well in her commitment to transform experiences.

Marta Monforte

Director at Plastic

After more than 15 years directing and coordinating digital projects for brands and agencies around the world, Marta now works with the studio Plastic based in Barcelona, where she is a project manager focused on the human being. Brands such as Telefónica, Martini and Nike have placed their trust in her.

Isabel Fernández-Aguilar

UX Project Lead at Plastic

Holding a Masters in Design and Management of Audiovisual Production, Isabel also considers professionalism, respect and sincerity to be key components of her day to day. This Aragonese woman, who worked in many different countries until joining Plastic, manages projects, coordinates processes and designs UX strategies.

Carmen Santos Garaicoechea

Deputy Director of ‘La Otra Agenda’ and Expert in Corporate and Audiovisual Communication

Director of the “Corporación de Medios Audiovisuales CEXMA,” Carmen is an expert on connecting projects and people. Subdirector of ‘La otra agenda’ at Telemadrid, she is a promoter of the Platform of Women Experts. She has worked with RTVE, the Thyssen Museum, Real Madrid TV and the Guggenheim Museum itself.

Melvin Boecher

Founder and CEO at TravelDudes

One of the biggest influencers in the travel sector, with more than 280,000 followers on social networks, founder and CEO of Travel Dudes, Melvin creates cost-effective, inspiring and engaging travel content for digital platforms, reaching an audience of over four million viewers per month.

Natalia Zapatero

Strategic Communication and Experience Designer at Turiskopio

Creator of the agency specialized in tourism, Turiskopio, Natalia considers the design of experiences to be the focus of her work. President of the “Asociación de Empresas de Consultoría Turística de España (AECTE),” she is also co-founder of VR WORLD PRO and partner of AKIA, where virtual assistants are programmed in 3D.

Anna Kemp

Director of ‘Me vuelves Lorca’ Festival

Anna is the driving force behind an award-winning festival that seeks to revitalise a little-known area of the Alpujarra of Granada through the performing arts. Her project is dynamic and promotes a strong social message that every summer changes the lives of the 600 inhabitants of the village of Laroles.

Angelika Schwaff

Travel & Culinary Content Creator

A lover of experiences, Angelika joins us from Berlin to share her experience as a content creator for the tourism industry and for German ZEIT Magazin Online. A communications professional with an international network, she also specializes in developing integrated plans for brand recognition and corporate content creation, mostly for the tourism industry.

Elisenda Polinya

Director of Mar de Somnis

Social educator, cultural dynamizer and specialized in art therapy, Elisenda has worked in the social, educational and cultural sector. Advisor and technical trainer of different departments of the Generalitat de Catalunya, she directs the association Mar de Somnis, dedicated to promoting leisure for children and young people with epilepsy.

Isabel Muela

Vice-counsellor of Basque Government Department of Tourism and Commerce

Isabel has been a lecturer in motivating entrepreneurship in the Commerce and Tourism sectors, as well as social protocol and personal image coach. Director of Tourism of the Basque Government between 2009 and 2013, today she continues to work in an area that she loves.


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