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Yes, we know what it takes to get up early on the first day. But what about the excitement of having two days full of talks that you’re going to love?


Opening Ceremony

On behalf of the Founder and CEO of Experience Builders and Hobbiespot, Roberto Salcines Gasquet; the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Trade of the Basque Government, Isabel Muela; the Director of Territorial Competitiveness and Tourism of the Bizkaia Provincial Council, Cristina Múgica; and the Councillor for Economic Development, Trade and Employment of the Bilbao City Council, Xabier Otxandiano.


Special Presentation 

Welcome remarks with Txuben and Odei Fernández Salazar.


Sergio de la Casa

from Unexpendables

“Let me go through the wind without documents”

Have you ever stopped to think why you feel like taking a good trip?


Jimmy Pons

from Trails For Peace

“New leisure experiences for an ultraconnected society”

New trends and customer experiences based in Mindful Travel and Transforming Technologies.


Marta Monforte and Isabel Fernández-Aguilar

from Plastic

“The Design Journey to improve user experience”

The use and interaction with digital products and services produce feelings in the people who use them. In addition, these feelings determine the user’s perception of goods and services and, of course, of brands. From Plastic we want to tell you how we approach the projects so that the user experience is as satisfactory as possible. We will review the steps necessary to make the use of our digital products work on behalf of those who use them and align them with our customers’ business needs.


Coffee break
A break to chat, meet other attendees and recharge


Rafel Manera

from Meliá Hotels International

“The reason we’re moving forward”

How to address experiences and take care of customer perceptions when designing products and services in the hotel sector.


Marta Javaloys and Sara Valero

from BBVA and Sopra Steria

“Define challenges to generate value. How to ask the right questions.”

The questions we ask ourselves define our reality and determine the solutions we are capable of devising, the right answer cannot be found without the right question. In a process of value creation, we are constantly asking questions: to identify what our challenge is, to understand the user, to understand the context, to define the experience, to align the team, to be able to measure results… We’ll talk about aspects to take into account, about the formulation of the challenge and its states and we will demonstrate tools that can help us to ask the right questions.


Isabel Maldonado and Lourdes Convertida

from Destinia

“Design for International Audiences: Challenges and Learning”

At Destinia, we work on a product that is used by people from different parts of the world who speak different languages, but have the same objectives. It is not enough to translate a website to sell products. Translation is only a small part of the process and requires great attention to detail to provide a useful, simple, efficient and respectful experience in communicating with each culture.

14:00 Lunch break  We are in the heart of Bilbao, so you will not be short of options to taste the best of Basque cuisine.


Isabel Muela

Vice-counsellor of Basque Government Department of Tourism and Commerce

“Digitization of local commerce.”

The future of local establishments will be digital. Although local businesses are still competing at a disadvantage with global players, the changes that are taking place in consumer profiles, who are increasingly drawn to the internet when making purchases, leads to an unavoidable debate on the importance and benefits of digitization.


Natalia Zapatero

from Turiskopio

“The 8 design principles of an extraordinary tourist experience”

The key to success in meeting the demands of today’s traveler is the sophisticated art of designing extraordinary experiences whose value propositions resonate with their beliefs, meeting and exceeding their expectations to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty to the brand. In other words, create “purple cows”.


Virginia Aguirre

“UX love SEO”

Creating a good user experience goes beyond usability, UX is multidisciplinary. In the tourism sector, it’s essential to work together with SEO and content generation. It’s no use having the most usable website in the world if no one can find it. We’ll take a look at two projects in the tourism sector in which the SEO frames the redesign strategy.


Some cold pintxos before starting the closing talks of the day.


Silvia Barroso

from Air Europa

“Game of Thrones”

For some years now, it’s been presumed to focus the strategy of companies and services on the customer. But are companies in the leisure sector actually taking care of users and thinking about what they need?


Lander Balza

from Flow

“Micro-design services to empower local SMEs”

Service design is not an exclusive activity for large companies. In this talk, Balza will share his experience adapting this approach and other tools to the needs of small businesses to help them focus on their customers and improve their services, by avoiding negative and inconsistent experiences. Examples will include various projects in the hotel, leisure and retail sectors.


Bruce Ivory

“How real-time communications can affect the success of a travel and leisure platform”

The importance of participation and its direct influence on user retention.


Check-in and introduction
Let’s take a seat for the second day of lectures.


Angelika Schwaff

de German ZEIT Magazin Online

“BonAppetrip – A journey into culinary tourism, its trends and controversies”

The discovery of a country’s cuisine is the ultimate tourist experience. Gastronomic tourism has flourished, giving travelers a taste of a destination’s cultural heritage that connects them with the place and its people. The issues around tourism, the debate of “authenticity” and other culinary trends – healthy, local and seasonal products on the lips of many – are some of the topics that Angelika will discuss in her talk based on her experience as a content creator in the tourism industry.


Silvia Muñoz

from Estudio Mumart

“Hybridization of Public Space”

The quality of public space is defined by the intensity and quality of the relationships it facilitates. The advent of the digital age opens up the possibility of such relationships occurring entirely in the virtual realm. However, tools such as geolocation have triggered the intersection of physical and virtual reality, allowing these two layers to interact within the urban space simultaneously. How can we design a hybrid public space from the symbiotic relationship between the two worlds?


Coffee break
A break to chat, meet other attendees and recharge


Elisenda Polinyà

from Mar de Somnis

“Possible dreams | potential dreams”

Drawing from the example of the non-profit, Mar de Somnis, which works with both children with epilepsy and their families, we will reflect on how to make any leisure experience more inclusive, taking into account the special needs and diversity of existing situations. We need to include people with different abilities so that they have equal access to the same range of experiences as others. Such concepts as information architecture, wayfinding and accessibility serve to remind us that, if we put our ingenuity and creativity into action, a different world is possible.


Carmen Santos

Deputy Director of ‘La Otra Agenda’ and Expert in Corporate and Audiovisual Communication

“New narrative in the communication of leisure and cultural content”

We are witnessing a paradigm shift in the creation of leisure and cultural content, replacing the deep immersion in content with one that is much more participatory, free, interactive and… superficial? We are all privileged to live experiences reserved until now for a few. Does the democratization of entertainment substitute culture? How does this change affect the communication of new content? Will we be able to build a narrative that connects us to new users?


Bill Watson

Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

“A world of endless possibilities”

14 essential lessons learned during five decades dedicated to the tourism industry. From the dawn of technology to today’s changing technological landscape.


Coffee break
A break to chat, meet other attendees and recharge


Melvin Boecher

from TravelDudes

“Social Media and Professional Travel Blogging – The Value & How to Use It”

Travel blogs have become a powerful marketing tool. It is important to reflect on global trends and how they are shaping the sector. This presentation will shed light on the value and power of marketing and include examples, tips and success stories.


Anna Kemp

from ‘Me Vuelves Lorca’

“Creativity and culture to confront ‘Empty Spain’ (the forgotten villages of Spain)”

Inspired by the figure of García Lorca and his desire to bring theatre closer to rural areas, the ‘Me Vuelves Lorca’ festival was launched in 2015 as a catalyst for sustainable tourism in a remote and little-known place in La Alpujarra, taking advantage of the fact that it was an area that had not yet been developed to offer a different tourist experience. This presentation will take a look at the challenges and obstacles, as well as the milestones and successes experienced, of an event that sponsored by leading figures such as Leonard Cohen or Russell Crowe.


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